Thursday, 12 June 2014

We are in Czech Republic. It has taught me something...

We are travelling for the next few months. Six countries, eight weeks. Right now we are in the Czech Republic.

Now here is something important. Czech is an old and beautiful country. A thousand years of civilisation, 10.5million people. With all their history and population the Czech people have kept a precious resource unharmed, which we have not done in much of NZ.

You see yesterday it was scorching hot. Very humid also. And in the heat of the day I saw young children and families take to the rivers to cool off and have fun.

"Oh my goodness can people swim here safely?" I ask my new friend.

"Oh yes of course! Our water is very clean and safe to drink. It comes from the mountains".

This shocked me. It really did. I live near mountains in NZ. Pristine mountains. But as I recently found out, our country has lost much of our clean water. In many of our rivers we cannot swim, or bathe as these wonderful Czechs can.

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  1. And that's just not right, we should be able to swim in our rivers like we did when we were kids.